I have to write swiftly, we’re going to go
The barrage is lifting, the whistles will blow
The fields laid before us are Satan’s design
Your letter brought cheer to this man on the line. 

Tell our daughter I love her and give her a kiss
I’m sorry her birthday that I’ll have to miss
Tell her tales of adventures both grand and sublime
But don’t say that Dad is a man on the line.

My darling, I miss you with all of my soul
Returning to our home is my single goal
I was carried away by their flag waving lies
There’s no glory here when a young soldier dies.

Now don’t fret my dearest for all will be well
My trench mates and I will have stories to tell
We’ll come home to greet you with ribbons and wine
Now over the top goes your man on the line.

And I’ll be fine.